Heavy Duty Mobile Column Lifts and Accessories 

For over 30 years, SLEC has been your preferred supplier of heavy-duty mobile column lifts and accessories. Our customers trust us because we set our standards high, and we’re always ready to go above and beyond to provide outstanding service.  From commercial vehicle lifts to bus lifts, we do it all, with products that are manufactured in the US and are Buy America compliant.  Choosing us puts you in great company, as fleet maintenance garages across the US use our heavy duty mobile lifts, and choose SLEC as their preferred parts and service provider.  There’s a reason we’ve been around for three decades, and plan on sticking around well into the future to serve you!  Contact us to find out how our mobile column lifts benefit your fleet maintenance facility!

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Do you need quality heavy duty mobile lifts?  Want to know how SLEC’s portable column lifts and accessories can increase productivity in your fleet maintenance facility?  Contact us today to receive information on our heavy duty mobile lifts!

SLEC, Inc. manufacturers heavy duty mobile column lifts and accessories.  No one has more experience than SLEC, Inc. in the inspection and repair of SEFAC (1200M65, S1, S2, S3), SLEC (18Type, 12Type), and Somers (MVL. SVL, CML) portable lifts.  SLEC provides the highest quality made-in-America parts for SEFAC and SLEC columns.