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3 Significant Advancements in the Future of America’s Trucking Industry

The U.S trucking industry has made significant progress in the last century. According to, almost 71% of all the freight tonnage moved in the U.S. goes on trucks. We have become practically dependent on these large commercial vehicles to keep our economy in motion. Since we are always striving to better ourselves through technology, we can expect even more advancements to come from the world of trucking.

Truck Platooning Technology

Truck Platooning is where trucks are digitally connected and drive right next to one another. When the trucks are connected, they rely on a communication technology that controls the acceleration and braking of each vehicle. This prevents one truck from traveling too fast or slow. The purpose of truck platooning technology is to boost efficiency in the trucking industry by lessening fuel consumption across the board.  

Electronic Log Devices (ELDS)

Electronic Log Devices (ELD’S) have already made a significant impact on the trucking industry. These devices offer a solution to monitor a drivers Hours of Service (HOS). With ELD’s there is no longer a need for truck drivers to fumble around with paper logbooks. Not only does this make it easier on drivers, but it helps companies create routes based on driver history. They can use the ELD data to determine the most efficient routes for drivers. Also, ELD’s come with real-time GPS tracking, so fleet managers always know the exact location of their vehicles.

Self-Driving Trucks

Should truck drivers be concerned that self-driving trucks will put them out of a job one day? Self-driving trucks may not even hit mass production for a few decades. However, in actuality, it is may be more likely that these kind of vehicles are going to be semi-autonomous. If this is the case, they may even appeal to drivers because they will make driving easier.

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