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4 Major Benefits Of Mobile Column Lifts

Learn about four major benefits of mobile column lifts.

Shop owners and managers all over the country are investing in mobile column lifts for various reasons, including to expand their business and increase their services. Mobile column lifts come with significant benefits, continue reading to learn about four ways they may be beneficial for you and your company.

No More Creepers

Are you techs complaining about creepers? Although they are common in shops, they have many safety concerns, such as muscle strains and burns, and can be very inconvenient. Using mobile lifts allows technicians to move quicker and work safely away from the dangers of hot manifolds, loose pairs, air intake backfire, and other issues.

Hire In A Competitive Market

When it comes to hiring the best technicians, equipment matters! Having mediocre equipment will not make talented new recruits want to work for you, and they very well may pass on your offer. However, investing in mobile column lifts show technicians that you take pride in having the newest, leading-edge equipment options for your business! 


Mobile column lifts are very versatile and can help you maximize your shop space. Techs can move the lifts to other areas of the room when they aren’t being used, freeing up space for different tasks and equipment. Also, the lifts can be rolled outside if needed, rather than bringing a vehicle into your shop. This allows technicians to have more variety and choice in how they complete their work.

Speedy Repairs

Purchasing a mobile column lift is an investment, but they are 100% worth it! Mobile column lifts get you ROI (return on investment) faster, not only because they increase the range of jobs your business can handle, but also because they allow technicians to make repairs faster; and faster repairs = more revenue!

SLEC, Inc is Your Preferred Mobile Lift and Accessory Manufacturer

SLEC has been a supplier of heavy-duty mobile column lifts and accessories for over 30 years. We are the preferred supplier in the industry because of the high standards we set for ourselves. We go above and beyond to provide excellent service to our customers. We manufacture all our products in the US, and we are BUY American Compliant. Our heavy-duty mobile lifts are used in fleet maintenance garages all across the US. Contact us to find how our mobile column lifts and accessories can help your maintenance facility! You can contact us here or call us at 800-826-3486. Also, don’t forget to check out SLEC, Inc. on Facebook and LinkedIn, and on our blog page.

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