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4 Tips For Managing Fleet Maintenance

Check out these four tips for managing fleet maintenance.

As a fleet manager, keeping your vehicles and drivers productive and safe is crucial to achieving your organization’s sales and service goals. Read on for four important tips for managing fleet maintenance to ensure you keep your fleet in top shape.

Preventative Maintenance

The best way to reduce unscheduled repairs and downtime is with preventative maintenance. This may include oil changes, tire rotation and inspection, and general safety inspections for all vehicles. Be sure to maintain proper oil levels, whether you’re following oil change intervals at a set mileage or using an oil life monitor. 

Total Cost Of Ownership

Pay attention to your maintenance costs and take note when they begin to rise based on the vehicle’s age. Also, understand the manufacturer’s warranty coverage and how that impacts your total cost of ownership. Fleet managers should understand the residual value of the asset, trends in the used vehicle market, and the optimal time to sell the truck for a cost-effective fleet. 

Spec Vehicles

Next, it’s essential to be aware of the demands that each vehicle will face. Be sure to outline vehicle usage, as properly spec’d vehicles can reduce cost. For example, under-spec’ing a truck based on usage and load carried results in maintenance issues later on that could impact your budget. On the other hand, utilizing an over-spec’d vehicle will drive increased costs. Take the time to work with a fleet management company when spec’ing replacement vehicles based on usage, operating conditions, and the loads being carried.

Check Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is extremely important and is an aspect of vehicle maintenance that you do not want to overlook. Tire pressure affects vehicle handling, tire wear, and fuel mileage, which all contribute to truck and driver safety. It’s crucial to check tire pressure regularly, rather than waiting until something is wrong. The effect of air temperature on tire pressure with the changing seasons is also overlooked, so be sure to remind your drivers about the importance of checking and maintaining tire pressure. 

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