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5 New Technologies Of The Next Generation School Bus

School Bus
The typical school bus looks much different than it did just a decade ago and they continue to change as new technologies are available.

It is easy to assume that the big yellow school bus hasn’t changed in years or even decades, since they look about the same. And while some aspects of the school bus have remained the same, as technology improves it does influence new designs and upgrades. The next generation of school buses is likely to seem very different and very much improved from the ones you rode on as a kid, as technology continues to advance. Read on for five technologies we are likely to see. 


This world is more connected than ever before and that includes our kids. They spend a lot of time each day on the bus, and including wifi allows them greater options in how they spend that time. While, for many, it will continue to be a time to relax, socialize, and have fun with friends, others may choose to get work done on the bus ride home (or finish that homework on the ride to school) and a WiFi enabled bus allows them to do that.


GPS is commonplace in personal vehicles but it is a relatively new advancement in the transportation industry, especially on school buses. GPS allows administrators to monitor the location of every vehicle in the fleet, to optimize routes based on historic data, and to re-route in real-time if needed in an emergency.


When the many systems on the bus are connected, transportation directors can receive realtime updates on bus conditions automatically. This information can be compiled by the bus and transmitted as issues arise or on a scheduled basis. This will allow for better management of fleet services, ensure timely addressing of issues, and allow you to cut costs.


Audio and video recording on and around the bus can improve driver and student accountability and keep everyone safe. Having cameras on the bus can enable transportation managers or other school officials to access footage in realtime or after the fact as needed. Cameras can help limit the “he said, she said” disagreements if there ever is an incident. Finally, they can also keep other drivers on the road accountable to bus safety laws, such as stopping and passing laws.

Student Management

Finally, technology will improve driver efficiency and student management. Drivers can be equipped with tablets to track routes and student information. Students can be equipped with RFID ID cards that log and monitor when and where they get on and off the bus. This information can help school officials and parents be better informed and keep kids safe.

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