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The SLEC Story

  1. In the same year that Jimmy Carter was elected US President, SLEC was set up as a distributor of mobile column lifts.
  1. SLEC opened a corporate office and was among the first to obtain third-party certification, paving the way for the industry standard of ALI/ETL. Margaret Thatcher was elected British prime minister.
  1. SLEC was purchased by the British based TRIAPT Holdings. A year that will live in the memory forever; 9-11…God bless America.
  1. SLEC, Inc. was purchased by its current owner and moved to new facilities on the outskirts of Baltimore, MD. Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans.
  1. After nearly 40 years as an import distributor, we started manufacturing our US designed mobile column lifts in the United States………..a proud moment indeed.
  2. What a year! Thanks to the support of our customers, we had our best ever year. We successfully transitioned to manufacturing and increased our revenues by 20%.

We look forward to what the next 40 years will bring and the many opportunities to continue to serve our customers.

SLEC, Inc. manufacturers heavy duty mobile column lifts and accessories. No one has more experience than SLEC, Inc. in the inspection and repair of SEFAC (1200M65, S1, S2, S3), SLEC (18Type, 12Type), and Somers (MVL. SVL, CML) portable lifts. SLEC provides the highest quality made-in-America parts for SEFAC and SLEC columns.

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