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Light Truck Adapters

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Light Truck Adapters for SLEC Heavy Duty Mobile Lifts

The light truck adapters manufactured by SLEC allows you to use your SLEC, SEFAC, and Somers mobile column lifts for light trucks and vans.
Our light truck adapters are ideal for your shop if you’re wanting more versatility with you mobile column lifts. Simply move your SLEC portable column lifts near your light truck or van. Attach the light truck adapter to the top of the lifting column. Position the mobile lift around the tire of the vehicle. Safely raise the vehicle with the portable lift to your desired working height. This will provide support for the vehicle and keep it raised in the air.

The light tire adapters are ideal for light trucks and vans. All SLEC products are constructed with heavy duty American steel these are the perfect accessory for your fleet maintenance shop.

This product is Buy America compliant and manufactured in the USA. Model number STA2835. Part number 950015.

To fit outside diameters:23”-30”

Model number STA2835

Part number 950015