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Different Types of Vehicle Lifts and Choosing the Right One

Different Types of Vehicle Lifts and Choosing the Right One

We will go over some of the different types of vehicle lifts so you can know which one to use.

Vehicle lifts are among the most valuable investments a person can make for their auto shop or garage. They are one of the most crucial items to have since they are vital to many aspects of vehicle maintenance and repairs. Vehicle lifts get used many times every day, more often than nearly anything else in the shop. That means you need to be sure you have the right lift at your disposal. We will go over some of the different types of vehicle lifts so you can know which one to use.

Two-Post Lifts

These are known to be one of the most common types of vehicle lifts. They use two durable posts and have stabilization arms. They’re ideal for smaller shops and are perfect for people who are only getting started working in the repair industry. They also don’t take a lot of room and are a more cost-effective option for your shop. The only shortcoming is that they take a lot of time to set up.

Four-Post Lifts

Four-post lifts are used for most heavy vehicle lifting jobs. They can hold more weight than two-post lifts because they have more support columns. They are user-friendly and work with practically any garage or shop. If you get one of these vehicle lifts, you will be better off if you also invest in sliding bridge jacks so that you can lift wheels off the runway when you are performing wheel service. They are a little more expensive than two-post lifts, and they can take a little more space, but the level of performance they offer is higher.

Mobile-Column Car Lifts

Mobile-column car lifts have a very simple thought behind them. They let you add or remove posts to suit the task at hand. You can even get some with wireless communication functions that allow an operator to lift platforms of up to eight independent post structures at the same time.

These vehicle lifts use lifting forks rather than runways for engaging the vehicle and are better suited for bigger shops. Garages aren’t the best place for them because they take a significant amount of space, and they can be more expensive than other options.

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