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Do You Know How Much You Spend On DPF Maintenance?

Do you know how much you are spending on DPF maintenance?

A recent fleet study found that 87% of those surveyed didn’t know how much their fleet was spending each year on diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning. Also, 65% of those surveyed didn’t know how much their fleet was spending annually to replace damaged DPF filters. Do you know how much your fleet is spending on DPF maintenance? If not, continue reading to learn why it’s important to know about the steps to take to help improve fuel economy and engine performance.

DPF Devices

A DPF device is designed to trap soot and particulate matter (PM) from a diesel engine’s exhaust gas to prevent it from being released into the atmosphere. After engine combustion, the exhaust gas is then directed through a ceramic filter substrate. The filter traps soot and PM, and deposits of these materials form on the walls of the filter. The collected material will reach a pre-determined level, and sensors monitoring back-pressure activate the filter regeneration process.  

Cold-Start Events

In a cold-start event, the DPF’s catalyst is too cold to perform its regeneration function and can result in dense soot building that leads to reduced engine and DPF efficiency. Cold starts also leads to the need for more frequent DPF cleanings, which shortens the effectiveness and lifespan. When you factor in downtime for cleaning DPFs, replacement costs can cost thousands of dollars per vehicle.

High-Idle Run Times

Did you know that idle time represents as much as half of a vehicle’s run time for some markets? Those hours are a huge waste of fuel and result in an extreme overhead cost for fleets. The U.S. Department of Energy states that the average long-haul truck idles about 1,800 hours per year, which uses 1,500 gallons of fuel.

Idling engines not only waste fuel, but they are terrible for a DPF. Until the DPF is operating between 842 and 1,112 degrees F, (typical road speeds) it is essentially a trash can for the collection of soot and PM. It is crucial to be more aware of the steps your fleet can take to improve fuel economy and engine performance.

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