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How Fleets Can Lower Their Fuel Consumption

Fuel costs make up a large percentage of a fleet’s total operating expenses. Since fuel isn’t exactly cheap these days, it makes sense from a financial standpoint to make continual efforts to lower your gas bills however possible. The good news is that there are several things a fleet can do to keep their fuel consumption as low as possible.

Use Auxiliary Power Units

Auxiliary power units (APU’s) are devices that provide vehicles with additional amounts of energy. There is a wide range of APU’s on the market today. They are available in battery and diesel options. They are easy to find, as they can be purchased through manufacturing companies and truck makers.

Conduct Routine Wheel Alignments On Your Vehicles

Did you know that the alignment of your vehicle’s wheels can have an impact on your fuel economy? If the total drag of your vehicle is high, it will hurt your vehicle’s fuel consumption because an engine will need to work harder. For this reason, drivers should have their vehicle wheels regularly aligned to lower the fuel costs.

Carefully Plan Routes

If you are the manager of a fleet and want to keep your fuel costs to a minimum, you need to dedicate some time to planning efficient routes for your drivers. You can also potentially lower your fuel consumption if you schedule your drivers’ routes for times when there is less traffic. Generally speaking, the best times to drive are in the early mornings or at night. When a driver hits traffic, they are forced to idle and burn precious fuel. This can usually be avoided if a driver takes off on a route at the right time.

Use Cruise Control When Possible

Most of the newer vehicle models today have cruise control. If you are driving for several hours on a major roadway, it is nice not having to keep your foot on the gas pedal. If a driver has a long journey ahead, cruise control will allow them to maintain a steady speed while on their route. Cruise control is also economical because it helps lower fuel consumption. Vehicles use less gas when they remain at constant speeds as opposed to frequently needing to accelerate/decelerate.

Check Your Vehicle’s Tire Pressure

It is essential that every driver conducts a thorough inspection of their vehicle before taking off on their route. A pre-trip inspection is crucial for ensuring everyone safety. Also, they are important for maximizing the efficiency of the vehicle. Drivers need to check their tire pressure before they hit the road because it helps to reduce fuel consumption. This is because an engine will need to work harder and utilize more fuel if the tires are low on air.

Don’t Exceed Speed Limits

There are several reasons for why you shouldn’t speed. In addition to obvious risks of fines and the added stress on the engine, speeding will have an adverse effect on fuel consumption. If you are a fleet manager, you need to stress the importance of obeying all speed limits with your drivers.

Turn Off The Engine Whenever You Can

It is important that a driver only turns on their vehicle when it necessary to do so. Many drivers are guilty of allowing their trucks to run for several minutes before moving their vehicle. Drivers need to realize that when you idle your vehicle for extended periods, you are burning significant amounts of fuel.

Don’t Overfill Your Tank

There is no need to fill a gas tank all the way to the top. By doing so, you are running the risk of it overfilling when it becomes heated. Any gas that spills over is wasted. A driver just needs to be careful when they are filling their tank.

Pay Attention To Traffic

Believe it or not, a driver can save a ton of fuel over the course of a long trip if they pay close attention to the traffic ahead of them. The less a driver needs to break; the less fuel they will burn. If a driver can spot a slowing of traffic ahead, they can instead simply lay off the gas instead needing to break at the last moment. It can make a significant difference over a long trip if the driver has this mindset.

Purchase Your Gas Wisely

Although this may seem rather obvious, it is certainly worth mentioning. If you are serious about saving more money on your fuel consumption, you should only be purchasing your fuel from the fuel providers with the lowest prices. Why spend extra money when you don’t have to?

Use these best practices to maximize fuel efficiency and start cutting costs today!

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