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How to Improve Your Fleet’s Fuel Management

One of the biggest factors that impacts the profit margins of your transportation company is the amount you spend on fuel. It’s such a central component to the success of your business that it’s necessary to use it effectively. Follow this guide for improving your fleet’s fuel management.

Monitor the Speed

Take note of the posted speed limits. Traveling above 50 miles-per-hour can add up to $0.20 per gallon for every 5 mph increase. Not only will the reduced speed lead to increased safety but it also helps lead to better fuel management.

Turn Off the Engine

Reports have shown that up to one billion gallons of fuel are consumed every year simply when vehicles are idling. In fact, one hour of idling can equate to one gallon of wasted fuel. That’s a lot of wasted fuel and money. Driver Behavior Software can help detect and alert drivers to an extended amount of idle time.

More Efficient Routing

Think of ways you can optimize your routes. Long routes, consistent traffic jams, and other factors will lead to wastes in time and money. Consider implementing shorter routes and conduct studies to find the best ways you can make your routing more efficient.

Regular Maintenance

Keeping the vehicles in your fleet well maintained will ensure that they are using fuel efficiently. You should also think of regular maintenance as preventative, highlighting those issues in your vehicles before they become bigger, more expensive problems.

Fuel Management

Make sure that you implement a fuel management program for your business. It should include taking all of the above measures in addition to using fuel cards which will show you how much fuel is being consumed by each vehicle. Those cards will help inform how you make changes to ensure that you’re minimizing your fuel consumption and spending that money in an efficient way.

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