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Industry News: Mach1 Roadside Assistance Recruiting Service Providers

Learn about the new app Mach1 Roadside Assistance.

Learn about the new app Mach1 Roadside Assistance.

Mach1 Roadside Assistance is a new app that believes the roadside assistance industry can be improved by making it on-demand and automated. The app can be thought of as “the Uber of roadside assistance,” as it will dispatch the closest service provider in real-time through their dispatching system. Continue reading to learn more about Mach1 and how it can help service providers.

About The App

Mach1 is a fully automated and on-demand roadside assistance app that has recently started recruiting service providers for a nationwide network. The app uses its sophisticated algorithms to connect customers to the closest service providers for roadside assistance needs.

Roadside Assistance Services

With the app, customers can use eight different roadside assistance services, including a tow truck, out-of-fuel, lockout, dead battery, flat tire, mobile mechanic, trip inspection, and a local police connection for non-emergencies. These helpful services are available without a membership or subscription, as customers can order the services whenever they need them.

Service Providers

The app is now recruiting service providers who can simply sign-up and provide any combination of services. The providers are not required to have a tow truck, as you don’t need a tow truck to bring a customer fuel, change a flat tire, or unlock their vehicle. Businesses and independent providers can both register on Mach1 on a portal and dashboard that allows them to manage their services, view graphs on their completed service calls, revenue, customer ratings, and more!

Service providers will get many useful features on the app, including the ability to directly connect with customers, access to an automated dispatch system, payment processing, GPS to customer’s location, in-app communication with customer via text or phone call, and auto-pay every 24 hours.


Mach1 is designed to create a benefit for service providers as well as customers, so the app is made to be as affordable as possible. Service providers don’t need to pay any monthly subscription fees for access to the app, and it is free to download for customers. Customers will only pay an operating fee to run the app at the time of their service call. Mach1 also offers a veteran and first responder program to help veterans earn some extra money and use their skills within the roadside assistance industry.

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