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Learn About These Different Vehicle Lifts

Learn About These Different Vehicle Lifts

Here’s what you should know about different types of vehicle lifts.

One of the most critical investments someone can make to their garage or auto shop would be vehicle lifts. There are a few varieties of lifts, each type being suited for different tasks. For those who don’t have specialists available to help differentiate between the different types, we’re going to help clear up those differences. Here’s what you should know about different types of vehicle lifts.

Scissor-Car Vehicle Lifts

Scissor lifts is a widespread term, but to keep it simple, it includes any lift that lifts their vehicles with mechanisms that look like accordions underneath the runways. Based on raising rods and how the cylinders are configured, scissor vehicle lifts may either be labeled as four-arm or drive-on style lifts. They’re often used as mid-lift style hoists, and their primary purpose is for wheel service when you don’t have to lift your vehicle too much off the ground.

Portable Car Vehicle Lifts

Portable car lifts are perfect for any shop or garage that’s concerned about how much space they have. Anytime space is scarce, portable lifts become far more valuable. There are many varieties of portable vehicle lifts, such as two-post, four-post, and scissor lifts since many brands offer these styles in portable versions.

Just keep in mind that you sacrifice a little functionality for the sake of being more mobile. You should also check what the capacities on your lifts are before you try hoisting something they can’t withstand.

In-Ground Car Vehicle Lifts

In-ground lifts were more mainstream than they are today. Using these vehicle lifts, vehicles could be hidden beneath your shop’s floors whenever the car wasn’t being serviced. However, the drawback to these lifts is that they tend to have a higher price tag than lifts that foster similar qualities. That doesn’t even account for how much it will cost to cut your shop’s concrete, making the ordeal more expensive, often costing you thousands of dollars. These vehicle lifts have also been given a bad reputation for harming the environment, as well as being vulnerable to oil leaks.

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