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18 Type Mobile Lifts for Heavy Duty Vehicles

SLEC, Inc. manufacturers heavy duty mobile column lifts and accessories. No one has more experience than SLEC, Inc. in the inspection and repair of portable lifts. SLEC provides the highest quality made-in-America parts for SEFAC and SLEC columns.
18 Type mobile lifts are rated at 18,000 lbs. per column, and are available in sets of four or six. Their ability to lift a larger amount of weight makes these mobile lifts ideal for lifting heavy duty vehicles. Heavy duty commercial fleet vehicles such as buses, motorcoaches and dump trucks, are handled with ease using the 18 Type mobile lift. With portable capabilities, they are also ideal for performing maintenance on articulated buses.

Don’t worry about issues wheeling the 18 Type mobile lift around either, as with each column weighing in at less than 1,000 pounds, these portable lifts can be easily wheeled to and from workspaces, making it possible for you to open up any bay, or a flat outside work area as a workstation. This allows you to create extra work space in your maintenance facility.

We can’t talk about the 18 Type mobile lift without highlighting their great safety features. The ACME threaded screw makes these portable column lifts self-locking, guaranteed failsafe, and the steel back-up nut prevents the lifts from drifting from its position.

This product is made in the US and is Buy America compliant.

Capacity per column/2/4 columns12,000/24,000/48,000 lbs.
Lifting height70″
Column height100¼”
Base width41″
Supply voltage – 60 Hz220/400v, 3 phase
WarrantyOne year parts and labor.

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