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Pre-Trip Inspections: Why Are They Necessary?

Every truck driver needs to conduct a thorough inspection of their vehicle before hitting the road. When a driver is put through training, this should be one of the first lessons they learn. In order to ensure everyone’s safety, a pre-trip inspection is always crucial. An inspection should drastically reduce the chance of unfortunate occurrences like failed steering wheel systems, failed braking systems, and failed tires. It can’t be overstated how important it is for fleets to stress the importance of pre-trip inspections to all of their drivers. For that reason, here are a few components of a proper pre-trip inspection and why they are paramount in the trucking industry.

Always Inspect Your Tires and Test Your Brakes

Before a truck driver can take off on their route, they need to check their tires. Many drivers either neglect or forget to do this step because they don’t think it is important or are eager to take off on their route. You want to check your tire inflation levels, as well as the treads of each tire. Another significant component of pre-trip inspections is brake tests. Every year, we, unfortunately, see failed brake systems on trucks and large commercial vehicles. The best way to ensure they are functioning correctly is to test them out before leaving the facility.

Limit Truck Downtime

Not only are pre-trip inspections necessary for safety reasons, but they are also important because they limit the chance of downtime. In practically any industry, loss of time usually means a loss of money. If you manage a trucking fleet, you do not want your vehicles to be out of commission because that will hinder your ability to be able to assign a driver to routes and sometimes, can even force a driver to miss their deadline. By conducting a pre-trip inspection, a driver should be able to catch all glaring issues, which should drastically limit the chance of downtime.

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