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How To Be Prepared For Truck Breakdowns

Are you a truck driver or a fleet manager? If you are a veteran when it comes to trucking, you probably have seen or have had to deal with breakdowns at least a few times in your career. Being stuck on the side of a highway when you are trying to meet a tight deadline is a driver’s worst nightmare. The good news is that there are several steps you can take to prevent your truck from needing roadside repairs. Here are some best practices for preventing and handling truck breakdowns.

Know Who You Are Going To Call

Every truck driver should have a telephone number to call if their vehicle were ever to break down. This will give a driver peace of mind that they are always covered when they are out on the road. A driver should not have to scramble to find a repair service if something were to go wrong. If you are a fleet manager, it is wise to get familiar with your service company and develop a relationship. The more they know about your fleet, the better they can assist your drivers.

Know Which Information To Provide

If your truck were ever to break down, you need to provide the service company with a lot of information while you are on the phone. Drivers should be able to give a detailed description of their location, what is wrong with the vehicle, what they need equipment-wise, etc. It is essential that a driver relays all critical information that can speed up the process.

Pre-Trip Inspections Are A Must

Before a driver takes off on their route, they need to conduct a thorough pre-trip inspection. By doing so, they should be able to catch all major issues before taking off on the road. A proper inspection should drastically reduce the chances of failed brake systems, failed steering wheel systems, or failed tires. Not only do pre-trip inspections reduce the likelihood of breakdowns, but they also reduce the amount of downtime for the vehicle.

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