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Recent Advancements In The Transportation Industry

Humans have come a long way in terms of transportation. Automobiles have changed drastically over the years, and that trend does not appear to be losing any steam. Not only do we see more completely electric cars and trucks, but we are also now utilizing alternative fuel sources like propane and ethanol. On top of that, progress has been made in the design and production of autonomous (self-driving) vehicles. Even though nobody expects them to be a viable option anytime soon, it demonstrates how advanced technology is today. Here are some of the recent changes in the transportation industry and what we can expect going forward in 2018.

More Implementation Of ELDs

We are starting to see more trucking companies implement electronic logging devices (ELDs). The reason for this is because they provide fleets with valuable information that can be used to determine routes for truck drivers. ELDs show what routes and customers tend to be the most time consuming and then fleets can strategize plans, so drivers have the ability meet their deadlines. It is important to note there will be a learning curve for the rollout of these devices for fleet maintenance facility managers and truck drivers.  

School Buses

When it comes to transportation, the consensus is that flying is the safest way to travel. Many people don’t realize that school buses are another extremely safe form of transportation. School buses are widely recognized for their distinct color and shape. Although we have not seen a drastic change in the appearance of school buses over the years, they have adapted more features to ensure the safety of all the passengers. This includes high visibility markings, higher back seats for additional passenger protection, reinforced side panels, more emergency exit space for safer evacuations, and the use of hybrid buses that utilize alternative fuel sources. Did you know that SLEC’s 12 Type Lifts were developed for lightweight applications and are ideal for servicing school buses?

What are your favorite advances in the transportation industry?

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