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How School Buses Are Changing With Technology

School buses have been around since the 19th century. Over the years, they gradually evolved into the buses we are all familiar with today. Their iconic yellow color and distinct shape make school buses one of the most recognizable vehicles on the road. Recently, however, there have been several advancements in the industry that could change school buses going forward.

Electric School Buses

The school bus industry is making strides to reduce the amounts of carbon emissions produced by vehicles. In recent years, we have seen tremendous advances in electric vehicle technology. There are many reasons to believe that electric school buses will become more prevalent in the future because there are highly efficient, produce fewer emissions, and cost less to fuel.


Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see a child with a smartphone in their hand. We are starting to see more schools allow wi-fi in school buses. In addition to smartphones, many children also carry laptops and tablets onto buses as well. Access to wi-fi on school buses can help students get a jumpstart on their homework at the end of each day. Also, children are known for having excessive amounts of energy. Wifi on school buses can serve as an excellent way to keep children occupied on field trip rides and on the way to/from school.

Smaller-sized Engines

The front portion of a modern school bus is rather large due to the size of the engine. However, there are efforts to decrease school bus engine-size. The reasoning is because a smaller front part of the bus will provide more visibility to drivers, which leads to safer rides for children.

Tablets For Drivers

Some school buses drivers are given tablets to improve safety and efficiency. These tablets possess several benefits; supplying drivers with directions, communication capabilities for any route changes, and helping drivers with pre-trip inspections.

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