SLEC Tall Jack Stands for SLEC Mobile Column Lifts
The tall jack stands manufactured by SLEC enables you to have two vehicles in the air (one on lifts and one on stands) to remove axles, springs or airbags.

Our tall jack stands are ideal for your shop if you’re wanting more versatility with you portable column lifts.  Simply raise the vehicle in the air with your SLEC mobile lifts.  When you’ve reached your ideal working height, place the short jack stand under the vehicle.  This will provide support for the vehicle and keep it raised in the air.  Allowing you to relocate your mobile column lifts to another work bay.

These jack stands are ideal for removing axles, springs, and airbags.  Constructed of heavy duty American steel these are the perfect accessory for your fleet maintenance shop.

This product is Buy America compliant and manufactured in the USA.  Model number JS5480.  Part number 920002.


Capacity: 36,000 lbs.
Closed Height: 54”
Extended Height: 80”
Positions:  8
Fine Adjustments:  6”


Model number JS5480

Part number 920002

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SLEC, Inc. manufacturers heavy duty mobile column lifts and accessories.  No one has more experience than SLEC, Inc. in the inspection and repair of SEFAC (1200M65, S1, S2, S3), SLEC (18Type, 12Type), and Somers (MVL. SVL, CML) portable lifts.  SLEC provides the highest quality made-in-America parts for SEFAC and SLEC columns.   Find us on Google+.