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SLEC Advertisement Demonstrates Commitment to Reliability and Excellent Design

SLEC is proud to announce that our recent advertisement has earned positive recognition as a 5th place ranking of a recent SIGNET study. This study was published on behalf of Mass Transit Magazine,  where our advertisement was noted as comparable to ‘illustrious organizations as Proterra, MCI and BAE Systems’.

Praise for the Image of SLEC

Comments surrounding the advertisement include praise for the tag line, also noting the graphics as “stunning and eye catching”. A second point of praise and recognition was the way in which “the text is short and to the point”, adding that this is a desirable quality “when there are so many ads in a trade magazine.” The advertisement was summarized as a nice and “simple message for anyone interested in fleet vehicle shop equipment”.

A Word from Our President

Allister Collings, President of SLEC, Inc. responded to this praise with this statement:

“We appreciate compliments and our image as a reliable company offering a product with a robust design all backed up by the best service is an important one and needs to be conveyed to the market through our advertising”.

For more information on SLEC, visit us online at!

SLEC, Inc is Your Preferred Mobile Lift and Accessory Manufacturer

SLEC has been a supplier of heavy duty mobile column lifts and accessories for over 30 years. We are the preferred supplier in the industry because of the high standards we set for ourselves.  We go above and beyond to provide excellent service to our customers. We manufacture all our products in the US, and we are BUY American Compliant. Our heavy duty mobile lifts are used in fleet maintenance garages all across the US. Contact us to find how our mobile column lifts and accessories can help your maintenance facility! You can contact us here or call us at 800-826-3486. Also, don’t forget to check out SLEC, Inc. on Facebook,  LinkedIn, and Google+.


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