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Tips for How to Manage Fleet Maintenance

Tips for How to Manage Fleet Maintenance

Use these tips for managing fleet maintenance.

It’s always vital to keep drivers and their vehicles productive, safe, and on the road. This helps your business to realize its goals. The question is: how does one keep their fleet in peak form? Use these tips for managing fleet maintenance.

Understand the Value of Cost Savings with Preventive Fleet Maintenance

If your vehicles are properly maintained, you won’t need as many unplanned repairs. This is why you should carry out preventive maintenance procedures so that you can avoid bigger problems later. Such preventive maintenance procedures include tire rotations, oil changes, and safety inspections. If you find that maintenance expenses are higher than your profits, try outsourcing your maintenance management to a fleet maintenance provider.

Keep an Eye on Your Cost of Ownership

Keep close tabs on your maintenance costs and take note of when vehicle age causes costs to go up. You should also understand your manufacturer’s warranty coverage and how that will influence your cost of ownership. You should know the residual value of the asset, what trends are taking place in the vehicle marketplace, and when is the ideal time to sell your vehicle to be as cost-effective as possible.

Establish a Partnership with your Fleet Maintenance Provider

If you have any problems or concerns, you should work with your fleet maintenance provider. As an example, there could be a setback while there is a vehicle in for repairs. If this happens, you should contact your fleet maintenance provider immediately. They can help you expedite the repair.

Regularly Monitor Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is something people know is important, but this part of vehicle maintenance is still often overlooked. Tire pressure influences many aspects of a vehicle, including tire wear, fuel mileage, and vehicle handling, which are all vital to a driver’s safety. Something else that’s overlooked is how air temperature influences tire pressure during the different seasons. Make sure your drivers understand how important it is to check and maintain tire pressure.

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