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Types of Heavy-Duty Vehicle Lifts

Types of Heavy-Duty Vehicle Lifts

Take a look at some of the different types of heavy-duty vehicle lifts.

Vehicle lifts have a few perks over floor jacks, pits, and creepers. Lifts tend to make productivity better, and they are more cost-effective. Also, they help improve ergonomics, and they are safer to use. There are a few different heavy-duty vehicle lifts that are used, and each is better for specific jobs. Take a look at some of the different types of heavy-duty vehicle lifts.

Mobile Column Lifts

Among all the above-ground lifts, mobile column lifts are the most quickly-growing variety. These heavy-duty vehicle lifts have between four and six portable columns, which are all connected to a control system. Each column is wheeled to the vehicle separately, and are afterward connected either through synchronized lifting or communication cables. They can either be battery-powered or use AC power, and they engage at the wheels of the vehicle. These lifts can handle weights between 60,000 and 120,000 pounds!

These lifts are portable and flexible, and they are the cheapest to buy upfront, even having no installation costs. The main downside is how you have to reposition the columns for each vehicle.

Parallelogram Lifts

As the name suggests, parallelogram lifts go up in a parallelogram motion, making them perfect for collection vehicles. Since no setup is needed, these heavy-duty vehicle lifts are the quickest lift styles. The vehicle just goes onto the runway, which then gets raised.

These heavy-duty vehicle lifts are ideal for many periodic maintenance and repair jobs, and they can be used for alignments as well. They can lift between 30,000 and 130,000 pounds! These lifts give access to the vehicle the whole way around, which makes it easier to work underneath the vehicle.

Inground Lifts

Inground lifts have been popular for truck maintenance operations for decades. There are older and newer varieties of these heavy-duty vehicle lifts.

The original ones are hydraulic, using pistons to lift the vehicle, while the newer variants use scissor sections. Older models get installed into deep continuous concrete vaults while newer ones are installed in shallow trenches, which lowers the cost of installation. Since these lifts engage vehicles at the axles, they can be used for nearly any type of vehicle repair or maintenance job. These can lift weights of 90,000 pounds at one time!

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