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Use Mobile Lifts to Ease Your Workload

Use Mobile Lifts to Ease Your Workload

Here are some of the benefits of using mobile lifts.

If there is a chance to make life even a little easier for technicians, who wouldn’t want to do it? It’s a generally wise business decision. When technicians have better equipment, they can work more efficiently, meaning your shop as a whole will improve. So which lift will give you the best result? We recommend using mobile lifts to improve your shop. Here are some of the benefits of using mobile lifts.

Space Savings

Any shop can benefit from a little more space. While having dedicated bays can be useful for some shops, mobile lifts offer you a less permanent option, but with more flexibility regarding where it can go. You can store the columns out of the way, then move them into place with ease when needed. Also, since these lifts have little footprints, you can line up multiple columns without having to expand your shop.

Some lifts can even be battery-powered, meaning you don’t have to have cords crowding your workspace. You won’t even need a wall plug. Just charge your lift overnight, and it will be ready for use.


A mobile lift can be useful for many different jobs. They have easily adjustable forks that allow you to use them on many different wheel sizes. Also, you can equip your lift with plenty of accessories to make it more diverse than before.

Easy to Use

Mobile lifts are designed, taking the operator into consideration. Because of this, they are more convenient than other types of lifts. With automatic steering, columns can become maneuverable and easy to put into position. All the while, the forks ensure that the rest of the setup is a breeze.


If used properly, mobile lifts are safe to operate. Other pieces of equipment leave workers more susceptible to straining their muscles or getting burnt. This is because going underneath trucks to work on them can be hazardous. Mobile lifts reduce the likelihood of this happening by a significant margin.

SLEC, Inc is Your Preferred Mobile Lift and Accessory Manufacturer

SLEC has been a supplier of heavy-duty mobile column lifts and accessories for over 30 years. We are the preferred supplier in the industry because of the high standards we set for ourselves. We go above and beyond to provide excellent service to our customers. We manufacture all our products in the US, and we are BUY American Compliant. Our heavy-duty mobile lifts are used in fleet maintenance garages all across the US. Contact us to find how our mobile column lifts and accessories can help your maintenance facility! You can contact us here or call us at 800-826-3486. Also, don’t forget to check out SLEC, Inc. on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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