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Use Truck Lifts to Run Your Shop Safely

Use Truck Lifts to Run Your Shop Safely

Here are some places you should place your focus to help your technicians stay safe when around truck lifts.

Whenever you have to work with machinery that weighs anywhere between 20,000 to 60,000 pounds, you should always be concerned about safety. Are you sure your technicians are using equipment the right way? Here are some places you should place your focus to help your technicians stay safe when around truck lifts.

Choose the Right Truck Lift

You want to choose lifts that are best suited for the jobs you take on at the shop. What kind of lift do you need? Is it a mobile column lift that could help you lift buses? Maybe it’s an in-ground lift for heavy loads. Different lifts have different capacities, and it’s up to you to know what you need your lifts to handle. The height of the vehicles you work with should influence the height of the lift you use.

Teach Techs How to Operate Truck Lifts Safely

After you have decided which of the lifts you’ll be using, you have to make sure your mechanics can operate them safely and properly. To help them operate it, give them the proper training and tools to get the job done. Without the necessary equipment and training, not only could the job get done less efficiently, but it can also pose a danger to everyone involved with the task.

Think About Lift Maintenance

Modern lifts are made with the intention of keeping maintenance needs to a minimum. However, knowing what to watch for is still important for mechanics. Every time a lift gets used, a mechanic should pay attention to how it’s operating. Contact points shouldn’t be worn down, cables shouldn’t be stretched, and anchor bolts should be secure. They should also check on the fluids on the hydraulic lifts and if there are any fluid leaks or corrosion. Checking on them is important for the safety of the mechanics because trying to operate ones that aren’t in top condition is a severe safety hazard.

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