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Using Two-Post Lifts Safely

Using Two-Post Lifts Safely

Here are some tips for how to use two-post lifts properly.

Anyone who drives a car would think that driving a car into the middle of an intersection during a red light would be a bad decision. It would just be common sense to stay out of the intersection. It’s a simple matter of safety. Similarly, there are certain safety procedures to be followed when using two-post lifts. The damage that’s caused by misuse of two-post lifts is almost always preventable, and you can save yourself a great deal of trouble by using them correctly from the beginning. Here are some tips for how to use two-post lifts properly.

Lift Points and Center of Gravity

The lift points of vehicles are found in different areas. These areas vary with each vehicle. When using two-post lifts, even one mistake could severely cost you, so you need to exercise caution because the center of gravity isn’t always going to be at the “true center” of the vehicle. That’s why you need to fully understand where the right lifting points are. If lift pads are improperly positioned, the vehicle is seated in an imbalanced manner. This causes the arms to become overloaded, which results in the car sliding off.

Using Adapter Sets

Instructions on how to use lift adapters will be found in your car lift manual. Adapters are usually used on SUVs, trucks, and other types of vehicles that have recessed lifting points that need a “boost” in order to be reached. When a vehicle isn’t set on a lift the right way, it slides off the lift pads and falls onto the arms. Never try to use multiple small adapters as a means of replacing a large one, and don’t neglect using frame cradle pads if they are suggested for the vehicle that needs to be lifted.

As an added note, two-post lifts that are “factory-recommended” should not be taken lightly. When two-post lifts are “factory-recommended,” the manufacturer is willing to become legally liable for the performance of their product. People who are willing to put that much faith in their product are likely to have produced something of admirable quality. So you should always consider using lifts built by manufacturers who have that level of trust in their product.

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